Divisions in cobol

Data Division

DATA DIVISION. Data division is used to define the variables used in the program including their names, lengths, storage formats. It consists of four sections − File section is used to define the record structure of the file i.e. the data sent to and comes from computer peripherals . Working-Storage section is used to declare temporary variables and file structures which are used in the program...

File control

File-Control it contains the information of the files used, their access mode, organization mode, record key, file status etc. It contains the below clauses: Select: used to identify the name of the file, where it is saved. Assign: used to associate a file with external file i.e. Physical file Access mode: used to specify how to access the file. Three modes: Sequential: used to access the files...

Divisions in cobol

There are four Divisions in COBOL: IDENTIFICATION DIVISION ENVIRONMENT DIVISION DATA DIVISION. PROCEDURE DIVISION   Divisions description in Brief:- IDENTIFICATION DIVISION It is the first and only mandatory division of every COBOL program. The programmer and the compiler use this division to identify the program. In this division, PROGRAM-ID is the only mandatory paragraph. PROGRAM-ID specifies...

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